Greetings in Jesus name,

I miss all of you and I continue to feel the power of your prayers. The Lord has been so faithful in this mission field.

We are continuing to spread the gospel. Many souls have come to Christ though we have not been able to baptize them due to covid-19 restrictions. This week and next week we are working on overflow expansion of the Sanctuary. The village boys’ and girls’ outreach is bearing much fruits and we give all the glory to God. Over 100 young people are having a morning service every Sunday not to mention many who are attending other churches. Due to this rapid growth I have spending a lot of time equipping the leaders.

Over the last four weeks since we broke ground, we have been able to complete the perimeter wall and laying the foundation of the equipping room.  I must say despite much work I have not been overwhelmed because God has provided faithful servants to work alongside me. We have been having between 25 to 30 workers daily and Pastor Daniel and Pastor Francis have been conducting devotion at Taji ground at 7am everyday before work begins. This has ignited revival in the village.