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Anna Jo Therapeutic &
Healing Center

Making a positive impact on the lives of sexually exploited girls by rescuing them, giving them love, hope and maximizing life opportunities for them.

Anna Jo Therapeutic and Healing Center originated from a divine encounter during a prayer session between two women. Moved by compassion, they envisioned a sanctuary for young girls who had endured sexual abuse. Guided by divine inspiration, Dr. Jo Self and Reverend Jane Wairegi founded the center under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 


Our vision is to make a positive impact on the lives of sexually exploited girls by rescuing them, giving them love, hope and maximizing life opportunities for them.

Our Mission

To rescue sexually exploited girls between the ages of 8 years to 13 years in a Christian based organization and give them a secure home, hope and instill skills that will help them to integrate in the dynamic society.

Navigating the journey with a sexually abused girl involves several essential steps. While the process may be lengthy and challenging, the ultimate outcome is undeniably rewarding, making every obstacle along the way worthwhile. At AJV, we’ve established a structured 12-step process that every girl undergoes during her time under our care.


We rescue girls that are sexually abused OR at risk of being sexually abused. Our initial process begins with receiving a referral call from the children’s officer, police, or community volunteers. Subsequently, we conduct an initial assessment to evaluate the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the girl and establish a baseline condition. Once the assessments are concluded, a comprehensive medical examination and blood tests are performed to determine if the girl is pregnant or if any other medical concerns require attention.

2. Safe Shelter

Once the medical, physical, mental, and emotional evaluations are finished, we will accompany our girl to her safe haven, where a trained caregiver will oversee her care during therapeutic treatment at AJV. Here, she will start connecting with other girls under our care. At AJV, we’ve cultivated a nurturing environment where girls can find refuge to rest peacefully and start their healing journey. Our setup resembles a family atmosphere, with three homes each accommodating up to 8 girls, along with one caregiver per home.

3. Therapeutic Intervention

We offer both individual and group therapy sessions, as well as family therapy, to support recovery. Each girl is paired with a therapist for personalized one-on-one sessions. Additionally, we facilitate group therapy to foster peer support among the girls. Our approach incorporates play and art therapy techniques to enhance self-expression and emotional processing.

4. Discipleship

We believe in the transformative power of Christ, guiding our girls to discover their identity through a deeper understanding of God’s word. 

5. Homeschooling

Our students span various grade levels, and our skilled teachers are adept at addressing the unique needs of each child.

6. Home Visits

Our social workers conduct visits to the families home to understand the underlying issues.

7. Court Visits

Typically, it’s an emotional occasion, yet an essential stride toward securing justice for our girls.

8. Graduation

Our girls have acquired essential coping skills and are now more prepared to use them when facing challenges in the world.

9. Reintegration

Below are some of our protocols aimed at seamlessly integrating our girls into a secure environment:
  • The child has developed coping mechanisms.
  • We’ve confirmed that the child will return to a secure setting.
  • A capable guardian has undergone training.


10. Community Awareness

We provide community training on recognizing, reporting, and safeguarding children vulnerable to sexual abuse.

11. Follow Up

Below are the steps we take to conduct follow-up:

  • We conduct home visits with our girls every four months.
  • We extend invitations for them to join activities at our center during school holidays.
  • We engage our graduates in peer mentorship programs during breaks.
  • We make regular visits to their schools to monitor their academic progress.

12. Partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies (KIBCo) to enhance therapy services for our girls. KIBCo will offer supervision and guidance to our therapists, ensuring a more enriching experience for everyone involved.

Join us as we make a positive impact of bringing love and hope to these girls.

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