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History of LTF Ministry

On April 23, 2009, Living the Faith Ministry officially became a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded by Jane Wairegi and her late husband, Stephen Wairegi, our vision is to extend the gospel of Jesus Christ to the deepest parts of Africa. Our mission encompasses three holistic areas of service: church planting, community outreach, and a therapeutic healing center.

Over the years, significant positive changes have unfolded in the villages where Living the Faith has been active. Countless lives have been touched, leading many to embrace Jesus Christ. Churches have been established, serving as vital centers for spiritual growth and empowerment. Some church structures have been repurposed to provide adult education, bible study, and preschool services to the community. 

Additionally, several villages have gained access to clean water through boreholes funded by our partners. Furthermore, vulnerable families and widows have received housing assistance through our partner programs. We give thanks to God for the spread of His word and the transformative impact of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those we serve.

Church Planting History:

  1. Juja -2013
  2. Mt. Elgon Line Moja – 2016
  3. Mt. Elgon Chepker – 2017
  4. Mt. Elgon Berur- 2018
  5. Mt. Elgon Kamachero- 2018
  6. LTFMC Gatuanyaga- September 2018
  7. LTFMC Maguguni- May 2023
  8. LTFMC Magana- November 2023
  9. LTFMC Kyeleni – April 2024

In recent years, we have earnestly sought the Lord’s guidance to advance the vision of our founders more effectively. In 2021, after 33 years of dreaming, we inaugurated the Taji Alpha Center, a community transformation center. Taji serves as an outreach center dedicated to discipling, educating, empowering, and mentoring youth and mothers from Gatuanyaga village. Our youth have received scholarships for primary school, high school, college, or vocational training, while mothers participate in a comprehensive 3-year discipleship program, focusing on business skills and therapy. Today, many of our Taji alumni are actively contributing to their community as farmers, pastors, tradesmen, soldiers, teachers, pharmacists, or game wardens. Likewise, our mothers have become successful business owners and employees, providing for their families while giving back to their communities.

On April 17, 2023, we opened operations at Anna Jo Village, establishing a therapeutic healing center for sexually traumatized girls aged 8-13. Anna Jo collaborates closely with children’s officers, law enforcement, and the judicial system to rescue, protect, and holistically heal these girls. Our center is staffed with therapists, social workers, caregivers, and advocates who provide unwavering support to our girls as they navigate through the complexities of their cases.

Moving forward, we remain committed to discerning the Lord’s direction in our ministry endeavors, serving His people wherever He leads us. On behalf of everyone at Living the Faith Ministry, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing generosity and pray for God’s abundant blessings upon you. May His name be proclaimed and glorified in all we do!

Living the Faith Ministry

Reaching the people in the innermost parts of Africa by meeting their spiritual, physical and emotional needs by living out the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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