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Taji Outreach Center

We exist to bring hope and healing through the Word of God. Our mission is to bring community transformation by breaking the cycle of poverty and touching one life at a time.

About Taji Outreach Center

Taji Alpha Center is a community center nestled in the heart of Gatuanyaga village, Thika East subcounty, Kiambu County in Kenya. We are a beacon of hope and transformation, touching the lives of over 182 children between the ages of 7 years and 18 years, over 56
women from the village and over 20 young men and women between ages 19 to 21 year.


To bring hope and healing to the community of Gatuanyaga and the surrounding.

Our Mission

To transform the community holistically and break the cycle of poverty by touching lives one by one.

Our Impact

Taji Alpha Center has 12 interventions through which the community is impacted and transformed.

Soccer Training

Through the engaging platform of soccer, we impart valuable life skills to the kids, training them on the importance of time management, teamwork, and personal organization. The Taji kids are divided into four categories; Marathoners (ages 7- 14 years), Ironmen (ages 15 – 18 years).


Transformation starts from within, and we prioritize the teaching of God’s word to all our kids. Discipleship is a fundamental part of our approach to creating disciples of Christ and agents of change in this generation and generations to come.


We believe in the power of mentorship. We guide and support kids, youths and women through mentorship by nurturing their potential and guiding them towards a brighter future.

Group Therapy 

Through group therapy, we provide essential guidance to children, women and youths, helping them navigate life’s obstacles.


Scholarship program is aimed at empowering the education of our children at the primary and high school level with school fees, school supplies, examination fees and any other school-based needs.

Vocational Training

Taji provides the youths with practical skills and a path to to self-reliance through vocational training program  and empowers them with hands-on skills and an exit toolkit. This annual program sets them on the path to success and self-dependency therefore helping in breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Food Packages

Taji Alpha Center offers a food package that is enough to sustain the dinner of a registered child. These packages are shared to the family living with the child to help facilitate their needs.

Clean Water Supply

Taji Alpha Center has been providing clean water to Gatuanyaga community. This program has made clean water accessible to over 500 households in Gatuanyaga village.

School Visit

Taji Alpha Center conducts school visits every month to follow up on the discipline and academic performance of our children. 

Home Visits

Taji Alpha Centre, through a Community Coordinator, is able to make home visits to all our registered children.

Women Empowerment

At Taji Alpha Center, we believe in the potential of every individual. With your support and our collective efforts, we can continue to impact lives, uplift our community, and create lasting change.

Our Impact to The Community

Registered Kids
Sponsored Kids
Empowered Women
Empowered Youth

Join us in this journey of hope, healing, and transformation. Together, we can make a difference!

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