What We Do

Church Planting

LTF is dedicated to proclaiming the gospel to those who have yet to hear it and help plant churches. We work with our newest church plant and base Living the Faith Mission Church (LTFMC) in Kenya, co-laboring in ministries that include, church planting, leadership training, and short-term missions.

Leadership Training

We help equip leaders through Bible conferences, personal discipleship and the distribution of books. We also have a vision of developing a leadership training center which will be able to provide pastors and leaders with necessary resources needed to grow the church of Christ.

Short-Term Mission Trips

LTF’s short-term mission teams participate in door to door evangelism, church planting, training leaders, community empowerment, work projects, and helping the needy.

Community Transformation

We at LTF strongly believe in coupling the gospel with acts of service. We know that the consequences of poverty are manifold and it impacts families through generations. We believe that an intervention at the right time, like educating one generation or providing livelihood to increase income can help families break the cycle of generational poverty. Our scholarship program, water wells, care packages, and community center are some of the way we are sharing the love of Jesus Christ with these under privileged communities.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Our Scholarships provide children and young adults with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

Your gift of $500/year will put a child through a full school year.

  • School fees

  • Meals

  • Dormitory

Vocational Training

Your gift of $500-$1000 will provide a young person with skill training and help him/her start a small business.

  • Training

  • Capital for starting business

    Wise Water Wells

    Clean water is essential and scarce in many of the communities we minister in. Wise Wells, boreholes donated by the Saginaw Pipe family, have played a huge part in providing clean water for over 500 families in some of these villages.

    Living the Faith hopes to drill more water wells in every village God gives us an opportunity to serve.

    When you donate a well, you are helping an entire village and we want to honor your generosity by naming the well after you or your loved one.

    Your gift of $20,000 can change the livelihood of an entire village for generations.

    Community Center

    Taji Alpha Center

    Taji Center is a Christ-centered community center for youth and women, located in Gatuanyaga Village, Thika, Kenya. The center will bring hope to an estimated 300 boys and girls providing mentorship, soccer practice, tuition, team leadership, spiritual healing and love. The center will also provide women with learning basic business skills, discipling, mentoring and empowerment. It is our hope in Christ to launch this center in Summer 2021.

    Thank you for considering a donation

    Living the Faith ministry would  gratefully accept your tax-deductible donation.