A Word From Our Founder

To our Partners and Friends,

April 23, 2019 marks 10 years since Living the Faith Ministry was registered as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Over these last years a lot of good changes have occurred in the villages that Living the Faith has served. We have worked in Gatuanyaga, Juja Farm and Mt. Elgon. In these villages, many lives have been transformed and many have opened their hearts to Jesus. Churches have been planted and are serving the communities as spiritual growth and equipping centers. Some of the church structures are being used as adult education classrooms, bible equipping rooms or preschool centers. Some of these villages have benefited by receiving clean water from boreholes that were financed by our partners. In addition, there are vulnerable families and widows that have benefited with housing that some of you have helped to provide. Over 50 young people have benefited from scholarships to high school, college or vocational training centers. Right now, some of these young people are farmers, pastors, tradesmen, soldiers, teachers, pharmacists, or game wardens. They are serving God and giving back to their communities.

Over the last couple of years, we have been asking the Lord for guidance on more effective ways to push forward the vision that Stephen and I had. In September 2018 God opened a door and Living the Faith Ministry was able to plant a new church in Gatuanyaga, thus, Living the Faith Mission Church (LTFMC) was born. Living the Faith Mission Church will now serve as the base headquarter for Living the Faith Ministry in Kenya. God has joined together a new team that is wholeheartedly seeking God’s direction and co-laboring with us to spread the gospel of Christ.

On behalf of everyone here at Living the Faith Ministry we want to the thank you for your generosity over the years and pray that the good Lord will continually bless and increase you.

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